I’ve decided since the last update that I will continue doing this weekly, whether I “get enough stuff done” or not. The point of this challenge is, after all, the accountability, and not so much getting major results every single week. I’d like to keep myself on track as much as possible.

Week 10 proved a little more fruitful than I’d expected, since I was expecting I wouldn’t be able to write at all for a bit longer. However, some neck exercises helped a lot (and I am almost back to 100% now, although I still have to be careful about the eye strain), so I did work a little bit.

Early in the week, I brainstormed some book titles, and I’m pretty happy with what I got. Currently I’m planning Fateweaver to be a 5-book series, or at least that’s the number floating around in my head, but everything is subject to change in this stage. In week 11 I hope to continue this work and come up with elevator pitches/general arc for the entire series—or at least start working on that.

Over the weekend, I took part in Writing Battle—a relatively new writing contest which I thought might be fun to help me get back into writing. This edition was a flash fiction contest, so the stories are pretty short. Though I have to say, I wasn’t feeling it at all and it was a struggle to get something done—but I’m happy I did. The early stages are judged by the participants, so throughout August, I’ll get to judge and give feedback to contestants in other genres.

I’ve also done some work sorting out my series bible and cleaning up my eternal documents mess, which made everything a lot more manageable and less overwhelming. I’m still refining the system, but I have a better idea of how I want to set up my workflow, which I’ll write more about once I get it tested and refined.

My plan in general is to restart the Publishing Mastermind Course and do every step, synergistically, because that’s what I need to do to get the best results (and what I didn’t do with my first book). So I’ll start hacking away at that in week 11 and see where I’m at by the end of the week.

Now I can say: week 10 is in the books.