Elvenbook’s Magic

Fateweaver Series Book 1


She triggered a spell that stranded her in another world.

Now she needs to figure out how to survive it.

After being magically whisked into her own fictional world, high school misfit Jennie Fields learns she can manipulate threads of fate. Unfortunately for her, being a Fateweaver doesn’t come with a manual — but powerful enemies are included.

Jennie’s untested ability makes her a person of interest to both Witches and Elves, two sides locked in an ancient conflict. Not knowing which side wants to recruit her and who would rather kill her, Jennie can’t trust anyone, but her powers are out of control and she desperately needs help.

If Jennie doesn’t gain control of her powers, she won’t be able to stop a war that could destroy the world itself. But with assassins to fight, a ragtag group of allies to keep together, and a kingdom to save from usurpers, Jennie only knows one thing: she’s in way over her head.